Arizona Robbins Eps [2/?] 7x18 "Song Beneath the song"

"Mark's kinda right, you know. I'm nothing. Well, legally... I'm no one. Which is kinda crazy, because I feel like your wife. I feel like our baby's mom. Can you just... Can you live for me?
Please, Live for me."

"And I'm... I'm afraid. Now that I've learned all of that, that I made you give up on me. "


"We are together. Because I love you and you love me, and none of the rest of it matters. We are together.

calzona meme: scenes [5/10]

"Pieces falling from me, you can have them for free, I’ve never felt so complete, pieces falling from me." - Elevator Love Letter // 5x19


Calzona Alphabet {collaboration with Gleebull}
Inspired by [x]

When the biggest problem was that Arizona was a Peds surgeon